Colorlinen's pieces originates from a single flax seed. All our flax is sourced from farms in Normandy,France. When sourcing our flax the most important thing is that the farms are environmentally friendly, practice sustainable farming methods and are using 100% organic soil with out the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Unfortunately to do this strict crop selection process there are few farms we can select flax from, and often time after selection we only pick 30% of the seeds that we deem fit for our standards to be woven in to linen. 
The second most important part of flax sourcing is the countries climate. France has the best climate for cultivating flax, the climate is gentle and flex farming here has been going on for thousands of years. The soil here is especially important for us, and thus all of our flax is selected from France.
Lastly our relationship with our growers. We have built relationships from being in business with the same growers for over a decade. They have become an integral part out our production process and we couldn't do this with out them


Colorlinen's production is done right here at home in Suzhou. We cut, design, and produce all our pieces in house in one facility. This tight control over productions by our own staff (we don't outsource) means that we can monitor all aspects of our production. Most of our staff has been with us since the beginning, they are linen experts. They are the best at what they do, weaving, dying, washing and designing all our linens. Our facilities being in house means that safety and production standards are the highest. We have daily walk through of our facilities, and are on a first name basis with all our staff. (Hi Sherry!)

We have great pride in what we do, and value transparency and communication with our customers. If you have any questions about the origins, sourcing, or production of our pieces, please don't hesitate to contact us.