Choosing linen for your children is akin to taking the apple instead of the french fries with the happy meal you are getting little sally for lunch today. Linen has numerous health benefits for your child that will help explain this a little to you. 

1. Health Benefits

When talking about linen, we are speaking of a material with over 10,000 years of history that clothes our ancestors for thousands of years, before cotton was processed or anyone could comprehend polyester. It's breath-ability, aero-dynamic cooling effects, lightness, comfort and just naturalness just make it the obvious choice over processed artificial materials you see in most clothing stores today. 

2. Children Love It

When children wear linen you can almost see the immediate effects it has on them. They feel more free, almost like they are on an adventure, the lightness, ease of wear in the hot and humid summers and just overall interesting texture and feel it provides children awakens this curiosity deep inside them. 

3. Color 

Colorlinen's designs are vibrant and bright, children's natural curiosity attracts to colorful interesting things. Colorlinen provides this outlet for expression through clothing. Picking up a piece of a color that your children loves is a sure fire way to bring a piece of their personality with them everywhere they go. A bright, colorful center piece that is an expression of themselves. 'Red is MY color mommy!'