How to measure

Use a measuring tape for best results:



Age Size Height(Cm) Height(Inch) Weight(Kg) Weight(Lb)
2-3yrs 90 80-90cm 31-35" 12-15kg 26-33lb
3-4yrs 100 90-100cm 35-39" 15-17kg 33-37lb
4-5yrs 110 100-110cm 39-43" 17-19kg 37-42lb
5-6yrs 120 110-120cm 43-47" 19-23kg 42-51lb
7-8yrs 130 120-130cm 47-51" 24-27kg 53-60lb
9-10yrs 140 130-140cm 51-55" 30-34kg 66-75lb
11-12yrs 150 140-150cm 55-59" 37-42kg 82-93lb


It's best to take your measurements over your'e underwear (not over everyday clothing). Firmly place both feet flat on the ground.

Ensure the tape measure is level around your body. Do not allow it to tangle and Do not pull it tight.

Please note: It is not necessary for you to purchase a size up when your measurements are on the borderline of a size, as Colorlinen's clothing are designed to be close-fitting yet comfort and free to move for our customers.


Thread tape measure under arms, across shoulder blades at the back and around the fullest part of your bust in front. Relax arms at sides while keeping the tape parallels to the floor.


Bend to one side to find the natural indentation in your torso. This is your natural waistline (normally located above your navel and below your ribcage.) Run tape around your natural waistline, keeping the tape parallels to the floor.


Stand on a level hard surface (Preferably on the floor) with feet together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips and bottom (approximately 20cm/ 7" - 9" from your waistline), keeping the tape parallels to the floor.


Stand with two legs apart with heels on the floor and measure around the fullest part of thigh (Approximately 1" below crotch), keeping the tape parallels to the floor.


Clothing lengths

Lengths are taken from the highest point of the back of the garment (from the shoulder or neckline) down to the hem.