ColorLinen: Be Grateful To Who Did Supports

I was organizing photos on my personal computer earlier this week. Most of them were taken by San in the past decade. They record how I become who I am now during the last decade, and I have changed over five computers among this period. I move almost everything from old hard disks to new ones whenever I change my computer like I was moving my homing stuff from an old place to a new place.


And I do save things for commemorative meanings like others, like those photos. I think I would never move them to the recycling bin because they can recall me back to where everything started.


I still remember when San took the first twenty photos for me, both of us were completely not sure about how ColorLinen would go, and the only motion we got just supported from my fans under my blogs. It was about ten years ago, people in my age are all considered about how to make a stable life, and I was like the only person who wants to take an adventure and go to somewhere further. It is my pleasure and my fortunate that I have my fans. Though I may never meet most of them, they stand on the same line with me from the beginning.


My mother used to say, “you have to be grateful to whoever encouraged you.” 


It is true that when I see pictures from the past, I would recall times from years before when I said, “I want to build my brand.”


“Do it, Molly! We are your backups, and whatever you get, we would support strongly!” One of my fans said.


It was a normal afternoon during summer, and I looked at this comment in front of my computer.


Everything changes during the last ten years, and in the end, “Thank you” are the only two words I would say to anyone who had supported me.

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