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I once asked one of my husband’s friends, what you do for life and where do you get your money from, he told me he does everything for job, and his money comes from everywhere.

We haven’t met for a while. Last time we sat together to talk about life was before my daughter was born. He worked as a bank clerk at that time. This means he got up at 7 am, then go to work for about 8 hours, and go back home at 5:30 pm. That was a stable life, and money he earned could fully support his life. However, he was not happy about this, because his life was fulfilled by work, and he had no time to do other things.

So he resigned from the bank and became a freelancer. This was a good decision for him, and he even dated a girl for multiple years during his freelance time.

“I feel this is the best shape of my life. Though I don’t earn much now, I have time to do whatever I want.” He said to me.

“What if you spend all your money, and could not get a new job?” I said.

He laughed, “This is an interesting hypothesis. But I think this would never happen. Because I learned a lot from my current life.”

I nodded and agreed to what he said.

It seems common knowledge to me that if people want life to teach things to them, they have to love their life. I learned many things from ColorLinen, and this includes how to spread my love and passion to others through the clothes I made. And all of these things come from the love of ColorLinen itself and life with ColorLinen.

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Haruun September 15, 2019

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