Colorlinen: Life is Made of Surprises

It was about eight years away from now, and I was just pregnant with my first child Jiajia. It was a strange moment when I saw two lines appeared on the pregnancy tests. To be honest, I was almost frozen because a new life was going to come to this world in about a year, and I would be the witness of its growth. Moreover, this baby inside me was going to be a new member of my entire family.

No doubt, at that point, I refreshed the recognization of my life, based on the truth I was not just a wife and a daughter in my family, I would be a mother. this surprised me myself, and I believed that this would also surprise San, so I decided to tell him about this news as soon as he went back home that day.

As human beings, we all have our own understandings of what could surprise us best. For me, it might be my favorite celebrities went on my favorite TV shows; for San, a new taste of life brings the best surprise.

“Am I dreaming? This ... this could be the best moment in my life!” San spoke loudly in an excited tone. This reminds me of the day I said “yes” to his proposal. 

“You know what movie lines would people use in this situation?” I smiled. 

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” We said together. 

“I think I’m having the best chocolate in the world right now!” San said. Then we both started to laugh.

I have faith in believing that we are all born with a box of chocolate in our chest when we came to this world. From the order of chocolate we take out from the box, we get a different experience. The day I noticed I was pregnant may be the day I picked up the largest and best-tasting chocolate in my box. The best way to enjoy life is by tasting each piece of chocolate in our boxes. Whether it is tasty or unpalatable, they are all treasure of our life.

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