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Life has been very busy since the establishment of my company. My 7-years-old son Jiajia and 3-years-daughter Yueyue always complained to me” Mommy,why are you always at work?” I am really sorry for that. Last week, San and I finally decided to gave ourselves a vacation to accompany our kids. We came to a small village in the suburb of Suzhou.

The only thing we did here was accompanying Jiajia and Yueyue. Yueyue is a naughty baby and she always has many strange questions to ask. Such dialog often occurs in our daily life:

Yueyue: Mommy, Why do we have to walk with our foot?

Me:  Dear, that’s what your foot are used for.

Yueyue: No, my foot are used for sleep.

Me: Haha...

Days here have been particularly relaxed and happy with my two lovely kids. The world for kids is pure and simple, without any pressure,anxiety or worries. A little bit of things can make them happy for quite a long time. Staying with them, I feel myself became a happy and childish little kid.

Sometimes we need to slow down, spend some time to accompany family and enjoy life:)

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