Colorlinen: Manifestation

Our shop was a culmination of everything we ever dreamed of. It was like our dreams for Colorlinen were conceptualized in a physical form. Kind of like how Linen is a physical representation of us, this store also became that. This store was built with pure passion and love by the team here. Every inch and detail was crafted us, every chair, table, and coffee mug seen our shop is a part of us. 
When I think back to the studio apartment San and I lived in so long ago an overwhelming set of emotions wave over me. I was just a girl who wanted to blog about my daily life, things I did, what I liked in stores, how I was feeling that day. To think that people would actually care about what I had to say blows me away to this day. I still can't picture any of you sitting on your laptop and just reading what I have to say. 
I am so grateful, for everything.

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