Colorlinen: Molly's Obsession

When I first noticed Molly’s obsession with Linen I was a little skeptical to be honest with you. I mean linen!? Really? Of all the interests you could've have taken it was linen? When I think back to when I was young, linen to me meant this itchy shirt my mom would make me wear as child in the summer. 20 years later linen represents love, energy, spirit and love once again.


Linen is what brought Molly & I together, coming home from my 9-5 so many nights and seeing Molly just ecstatic about a new linen shirt she made couldn’t help but put a smile on my face. I eventually grew to love linen because of the happiness it brought my wife, seeing her dress herself in these gorgeous bright, colorful pieces, subliminally fighting thousand of advertisements she saw every day in our city pushing tight and overly skin friendly clothing to her was incredible. Somehow, it was this spirit in linen that brought out the passion, fire and desire in Molly. This passion was infectious, I grew more and more interested in linen the more Molly was.


If you asked me 10 years ago my life would revolve around flax and linen, I would have laughed at you, but not their is nothing more I can think about. What linen has done to has convinced me their is with out a doubt something special in this material. Its in-explainable, difficult to express, and only able to be understood by those who wear linen. The spirit of linen is really, and I am forever grateful I found it. 

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