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Forgive me for my English guys :(

In the last 10 years I have created a women’s clothing brand, published a book, gave a TED talk speech, got married to the love of my life and have lived my dream life. But if we went back 30 years, you would see a little girl who was 0 confidence. When I look at photos, I can barley recognize that girl anyone, she had short hair, was always wearing her sister's clothes, sometimes just looked like a boy. Sometimes I ask Sam what he saw in me, he’s a smart man and has always said he thought I was beautiful, but I know better hahaha! 

My life changed when linen took a place in my life. Every time I wear linen clothing, I feel myself overwhelmed with energy, passion and happiness. Then one day one of my blog readers said to me “Molly, you look so gorgeous in linen clothing! Why not bring it to more people?”.  I thought this girl must be crazy. I mean really me? This girl who lives in this 1 bedroom apartment who eats instant noodles 3 times a day, watches way too many soapy dramas, and cries too much? Although I was thinking all of these things, that girl put something inside of me.

(Ashley, if you are reading this thank you).

Ten years later, we turned a small workshop in to a company and our fans grew from thousands to millions. Many of them are reading this now and have been following us for a decade. We have created our own community with regular meet ups, events and travels. We share our ideas, passions and push each other to better our lives.

Somewhere between instant noodles, linen and San, I have everything that little girl in that apartment has ever wanted. Colorlinen, my two children, my husband San, and you guys.

Thank you so much for making this girl’s dreams comes true, I owe you guys everything.

Molly xo

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