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When I was a child and I would be walking down the street with my mom, I occasionally saw some elderly women with a heavy hunchback. At that time, I always felt sadness for them, thinking about how difficult their lives must have been. At the same time, I was thinking I would become the same hunchbacked lady when I am older. Little did I know, I would. 

It is said that I became hunchbacked cause I used to sit alone on a really hard bench when I was a child. My dad would always slap on my back when he passed behind me,telling me to stand straight. But as rebellious as I was at that time, I never listened to his words.

When I was in high school,there was a girl in our class who was good at dancing. She always kept her back straight every time she walked. My friends and I often made fun of her in secret, but really I just full of envy and jealous at how good her posture was. I hoped to have the same straight back and grace as she did. 

When I was older, I tried to going to the gym. I also found some methods on the internet that would help with the hunchback situation. But my hunchback has not been improving, I was a terrible gym person and as a result the situation is what it is.

Recently, a yoga studio opened near my home. I began to do yoga regularly three times every week. I suddenly saw that my hunchback was getting better, slowly. Although I still haven’t changed my habits, and still sit very lazy,I found that when I walked, I would consciously put my back up, and open my shoulders.

Nearly forty years later, I thought I was going to spend all my life with a hunchback, but suddenly found all this could be changed. The process of change was so wonderful, and I think I will definitely be an elegant and healthier person in my older age.

Don’t set limits on your life.It’s never too late to start:)


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